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SAP® Certification Examination Practice Tests (chance of 99% achievement assured).

We provide the highest number of Questions (up to 800 Q&A) in our tests.

We are the team of SAP ATC Certified Trainers having experience more than 10 years and delivered 100’s of classroom training classes at SAP Authorized Training Centers worldwide. We also doing many corporate training for SAP certifications. From this background we started doing sample tests while delivering courses. By this way we started doing online tests for our students and it gives 95% successes. Then we started same tests through online from 2008. As our questions will test your ability to know your knowledge you have gained in training and preparation. Each week 40 to 70 participants are benefited and passed real time certification by our practice program. Our tests are formulated with the experience in real time classroom training at SAP ATC and it is 100% successful who follow our instruction. Without sound knowledge of the subject no one can’t pass examination.

We cover all popular topics related to SAP certification examination practice tests and SAP study materials.

SAP AG (SAP Germany) has a dedicated division, which is in charge for training and certification, called SAP Education. SAP Education prefers to manage SAP certification and training in a centralized fashion at SAP ATC(Authorized training Center) and, thus, ensure a reasonable quality of educational services. However, an individual who wants to learn SAP does not really need to attend expensive SAP training courses. There are other options such as self-learning with SAP Study materials, third party SAP training institutions (some of them are licensed by SAP AG like Atos) or hands on learning (when you learn SAP by using it and performing various tasks). SAP training classes are undoubtedly the best option if finance is not a issue. The situation with SAP certification is different. Only certifications passed at SAP Education facilities (or their educational partner’s facilities in some countries) are officially recognized and valued.

SAP certifications determine that you have sharpened your skills through rigorous study and direct experience in your area of expertise. SAP Certification provides a clear differentiator for you and your organization, and is the mark of excellence in a competitive professional environment.

The main cause behind of our website is to help people prepare and make them pass successfully in SAP certification.

Few words about our tests.

  1. Our tests are based on Classroom training course material.
  2. Our tests are having up to 800 Q& A and not 80 Q&A like many others do.
  3. Our questions are extract from real exams.
  4. Our tests cover each topic without leaving none.
  5. Tests are prepared by relevant SAP ATC trainer having good knowledge about the exam.
  6. We drill down complete study material so that there is no chance of leaving any topic.
  7. You must thorough with study material before attempting our tests.
  8. Our tests are online only no downloads available.
  9. Tests are in real environment scenario.
  10. Different types of questions like True/False, multiple answers multiple selection, multiple answers single selection etc.
  11. Please read FAQ
  12. Our Tests are Self-evaluation purpose. It will be helpful to you find out your knowledge before doing real exams.

For your information:

So be careful about any guarantee and see it is practical or not. We don't impose any rules like that, we say if you score more than 90% in our practice tests then you can sure you are fit to pass in real time exam.

Any further doubts please send us a mail to For more details go to this link FAQ

SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.